blue monk inc.  uses industry standard equipment, which are highly recommended and used worldwide by Audio professionals.

Microphones :

             Dynamic Mics  

Studio Monitors : Neumann KH120A (Professional Near-Field Series, German Engineering) Read more :

Audio Interface : Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU) Ultralite Hybrid MkIII – This is a state-of-the-art audio interface which works as a Standalone Mixer as well. 10 ins X 14 outs , USB/Firewire run device with inbuilt Preamps, Dynamics,  Parametric EQ, Fx, Monitor sends/returns and more features.  Read more : )

Mixer :  Behringer BCF 2000 Mixer Fader Controller to support Fader controls for MOTU CueMix & Cubase Mixers. Read More :

Misc :

  • Behringer 4 Channel Stereo headphone preamps for live monitoring purpose ;
  • 16 Channel Snake for Isolated audio transfers with AMPHENOL & NEUTRIK  Heads ( noise and distortion free )
  • Bespeco(Italy) – Near-Field Monitor Stands with metal-spiked-base for proper grounding of frequencies

Synths & Midi :

Amps :

Laney Audiohub AH100 – 100Watt amplifier for Instruments/Monitoring  :

Bugera BC15 Tube Amplifier for Guitars :